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Silk News:

Why is Britain in such a mess? Part Two

If you are watching, horrified, at the continuing political chaos in Britain you may like to read Part Two of my occasional political posting Why is Britain in such a mess Its an attempt to explain to outsiders, especially the often anglophile garden community, what is going on. Brits might like to take a look too. Its not meant to re-assuring! https://www.noelkingsbury.com/noelsgarden-blog/2019/3/31/why-is-britain-in-such-a-mess-part-two...

Horti-Culture in Camellia-City Porto

Porto in northern Portugal is the city of the camellia. The public parks and people’s gardens are full of them. For those of us who are only used to seeing them as head high, or maybe in Cornwall, up to the first storey, these are huge. And the city clearly loves them. Last weekend, the city council put on its annual camellia festival.Read on here----- ...

Secrets to using grasses

Grasses simply are the best thing in the garden right now. At the most dismal time of year, when there is almost nothing else to take our minds off grey skies and cold winds, grasses can not just make an impact but actually look really good. Read on here.......This is the first of a new secondary blog posting I am now doing for Learning with Experts - this is more practically-orientated and entry-level than my main blog, but always with little bit of detail on plant and garden history, ecology ...

Olivier Filippi and the Mediterranean garden of the future

An overview of the garden created by Olivier and Carla Filippi over the last thirty years. To many of us it appears to be a quintessentially Mediterranean landscape, all those grey hummocks and of course the Italian cypresses. The visual balance between these two elements is powerful as well as symbolising a harmony between the natural and the cultural. The cypresses may be native to the region but the narrow form is the result of a long period of selection and the tree’s wide range is a ...

Portugal Centro Region - the front line of climate change?

You want to know what impact climate change will have on landscapes Come to the Centro Region of Portugal and take a look.Having spent some months in the region, I really feel on the front line of climate change. I have blogged before about the devastating fires the area has suffered from..... to read on see here....

Louisiana, Denmark - a perfect synthesis of sculpture, archictecture and landscape

Louisiana, a contemporary art gallery north of Copenhagen just has to be one of my most favourite places. Not for the contents so much (I am no great fan of contemporary art) but for the extraordinary and quite unique synthesis of art, landscape and architecture it offers. It also has an atmosphere of immense calm, almost a healing atmosphere. I think I have been there six or seven times now and every time I walk away quite mesmerised by it..... continue here...

Search results for "Silk - Wreaths"

  • Poinsettia Teardrop

    Poinsettia Teardrop
    Cascading from its hanging loop, our poinsettia teardrop is at home on a wall, door, or mantel. Large poinsettia blooms with glistening centers anchor this del...(more)

    $72.99 More Details
  • 20 Olive Wreath

    20 Olive Wreath
    Conjuring up images of old friends and close family, this striking Olive Wreath will help to set the mood for your next dinner event. Filled with beautiful and...(more)

    $54.99 More Details
  • Mixed Succulent Wreath (Set of 2)

    Mixed Succulent Wreath (Set of 2)
    "Sometimes, a decoration is so unique that one is not enough. That's definitely the case with this 9"" mixed succulent wreath set. The spiny stems, twisting and...(more)

    $49.99 More Details
  • Snowy Pine Cone Wreath

    Snowy Pine Cone Wreath
    "Create the perfect farmhouse holiday display with this Snowy Pine Cone Wreath. Dusted in white decorative detail, each pinecone is intricately placed to create...(more)

    $54.99 More Details
  • 22 Boxwood Wreath

    22 Boxwood Wreath
    Bountiful boxwood bundles together for a lush, green wreath arrangement. Intricately placed and finely constructed, this boxwood wreath is perfect to use year r...(more)

    $71.99 More Details
  • 24 Berry Boxwood Wreath

    24 Berry Boxwood Wreath
    Create a captivating holiday display with a mix of berries and boxwood. Meticulously placed and adorned in holiday red, the finest handcrafted materials add dep...(more)

    $70.99 More Details
  • 24 Ornament, Pine & Pine cone  Wreath

    24 Ornament, Pine & Pine cone Wreath
    Deck the halls with a seasonal holiday wreath that showcases glimmering ornaments and a mix of decorative gold and green pine leaves. Bundled to perfection, han...(more)

    $74.99 More Details
  • 26 Berry Boxwood Teardrop

    26 Berry Boxwood Teardrop
    True-to-life boxwood hangs in a unique teardrop arrangement to cascade across the fireplace mantel, dinner table or entryway. Greet guests with faux seasonal be...(more)

    $52.99 More Details
  • 24 Lemon Wreath

    24 Lemon Wreath
    Sunny yellow lemons with rich, green leaves embellish this spring and summertime wreath. Handcrafted with artificial materials, this European inspired wreath br...(more)

    $64.99 More Details
  • 24 Peony Mum Wreath

    24 Peony Mum Wreath
    "Blooming Peonies intertwine with delicate Mums in shades of white and green. Welcome the season with this timeless, artificial floral wreath. Contrast the wrea...(more)

    $72.99 More Details
  • 24 Peony and Mum Wreath

    24 Peony and Mum Wreath
    "Brilliant shades of orange and yellow Peony and Mums bundle together in this summer sunset of a wreath. Delicate Peony buds and lush, green foliage are intertw...(more)

    $72.99 More Details
  • Mixed Flower Wreath

    Mixed Flower Wreath
    "Frame the entryway with summertime florals that never wilt. Faux floral wreath is bursting with color as garden flowers are handcrafted, meticulously placed fo...(more)

    $74.99 More Details
  • 20 Mixed Flower Wreath

    20 Mixed Flower Wreath
    Sunset shades of purples and reds make this wreath the perfect summer or autumnal display. Various shades of green burst from all sides to create a stunning ent...(more)

    $70.99 More Details
  • 22 Dahlia Mum Wreath

    22 Dahlia Mum Wreath
    "Bring shades of spring and summertime to the entryway with a multicolored Dahlia and Mum wreath. Rich shades of pinks, oranges and greens burst with color agai...(more)

    $71.99 More Details
  • Mixed Flower Hat Wreath

    Mixed Flower Hat Wreath
    "Replace traditional wreaths with farmhouse charm as springtime florals drape along the brim of a large, straw sun hat. Mixed faux florals in brilliant shades o...(more)

    $62.99 More Details
  • 22 Snowed Magnolia & Berry Wreath

    22 Snowed Magnolia & Berry Wreath
    Magnolia blooms in winter? You can because it's faux! This frosted magnolia wreath is complemented by green pine and red berry accents. Its perfect for a front ...(more)

    $77.99 More Details
  • 20 Cotton Ball Wreath

    20 Cotton Ball Wreath
    "Soft to the touch, the simplicity the 24"" cotton ball wreath makes it suitable to blend in with any established decor in your bedroom. Hang it near your vanit...(more)

    $64.99 More Details
  • 24 Plum Blossom Wreath

    24 Plum Blossom Wreath
    Against the backdrop of winter's snow, the blooms of this flower stand out vibrantly. Let this artificial plum blossom wreath decorate your window for both gues...(more)

    $69.99 More Details
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