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Jewelry News:

Royal Engagement Rings Through the Ages

Nothing captures the hearts of the general public like a Royal Wedding. Despite the wavering popularity of the monarchy in this country we always, as a nation seem to enjoy the pomp and ceremony that these state occasions demand. The Engagement Ring is always at the centre of the media focus throughout the proceedings so […]...

What’s the Best Diamond Alternative

Using diamonds in your jewellery making certainly adds brilliance to your designs, not to mention the prestige that comes with setting one of the most valuable natural materials available in your jewellery. But have you ever considered an alternative With more and more consumers breaking away from the traditional diamond engagement ring and recognising the […]...

How Decorative Bezel Wire Will Improve Your Settings

Decorative bezel wire. Whether it’s scalloped, serrated or an intricate gallery strip, the best thing about it is that it enhances your settings and gives you a sleek, professional finish. Whatever you’re working on – whether it’s a pendant or ring – make good use of decorative bezel wire to augment your gemstone of choice. […]...

Designer of the Month: Nadège Renée Cassar

Jewellery maker Nadège uses a variety of materials to create her designs, from traditional precious metals to plastic and other recycled components. View some of her work, read about where she gets her inspiration from and more in this Designer of the Month interview. Let us know a bit about yourself, detailing your background, study […]...

How To Set A Stone In A 4-Claw Ring

Interested in learning how to set a stone in a 4-claw ring Whether you’re planning on setting your own engagement ring or are keen to expand your jewellery making expertise, use our video tutorial and our guide as a reference for learning some basic stone setting techniques. In this guide we’ll talk you through the […]...

How To Make Resin Jewellery

Once you’ve learned the fundamentals of casting resin, your next step is to figure out which type of jewellery you’d like to create when using resin. And the great thing is that you can produce any type of jewellery you can think of – resin is an incredibly versatile material that will lend itself to […]...

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