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Don't Look

You know youre a gardener when your outdoors is cleaner than your indoors. Confession: Ive spent so much time gardening lately that my house looks like crap. I keep telling myself, Dont look at all of the indoor to-dos. They will get done. They always do. Right now Ive got gardening to do. Well, and blogging. Its been forever since Ive posted photos. Ive got a bunch of them so Ill keep my comments brief. If you have a question or comment, feel free to chime in. Penstemon rupicola with Helia...

April Showers

April has been super rainy in these parts. Record rainfall last weekend has brought all kinds of havoc with flooding in Corvallis. My middle daughter and I walked around yesterday to get a glimpse of this historic event. Apparently in 1996, the water rose to about this same level. And apparently they didnt do enough to fix the high water issues.  The only upside to all this water is that once it recedes it should expose some very pretty rocks.  And Ive got some new boots for wading. Mo...

Nursery Visit: Little Prince of Oregon

Now that winter is officially over, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. No more cold weather! (We hope.) For we who love gardening its the happiest time of the year. In addition to all the garden digging, we get to visit our favorite nurseries and buy new plants. Last Saturday I met up with garden pal Heather and drove up to Little Prince of Oregon, a wholesale nursery outside of Aurora that opens once a year for those of us privileged enough to be invited. Little Prince has hundreds of co...

I Didn't Shiver Today!

For the first time in a week, I didnt shiver when I went outside today. I got some photos during one of those shiver sessions: There was snow!Not the kind of deep snow that fell up north but enough to remind us that its still winter.My courtyard fountain is apparently the coldest of all my water features. Here it is right before things started to warm up.  Weather wuss that I am, that is all the photos I took of the snow.I dont think the low temperature dropped below 28 degrees so my p...

My Pond was a Mucky Mess

Happy 2019 to everyone. As weather and time permit, Ive been able to putter in the garden, tackling the few winter projects that really need doing. For instance, the outer pond in early January needs an overhaul now because soon the newt and frogs will be laying their eggs and I dont want to disturb them.  For reference, here are a few summer photos of this pond. As you can see it is swallowed up in plants which means Ill need to do some thinning out as well as refresh the stagnan...

It's Almost Over

Can you believe 2018 is almost over The years just seem to fly by, dont they We had some 28-30ish degree nights a week or so ago but now were back to normal. In fact, just now, as I write this, I saw a honeybee outside. Nature is so resilient. So heres whats blooming: The first blossom on this Camellia. Isnt is gorgeous Camellia sasanqua Shishi-GashiraI have this Rhodochiton under cover and its still got a few blooms. I hope to overwinter it. Rhodochiton astrosa Purple BellsThere are still ...

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  • Calla Magic

    Calla Magic
    This holiday, enlighten your loved ones day by this elegant collection of enchanting calla flowers....(more)

    $32.99 More Details
  • Perfect Magic

    Perfect Magic
    Filled with bright colors, this unabashedly bold bouquet of red roses, carnations, gerberra daisies is guaranteed to work like magic to brighten your loved ones...(more)

    $44.99 More Details
  • Sweet Splendor

    Sweet Splendor
    Indulge your loved ones charm this season, with this sweet and magical combination of Red roses with white calla liliesvase not included....(more)

    $44.99 More Details
  • Maid in White

    Maid in White
    An elegant and charming way to woo the fair lady you admire is presenting her with this timeless arrangement of white roses sweetly accented with seeded eucalyp...(more)

    $52.99 More Details
  • Sparkle

    See the sparkle in her eyes with this gorgeous combination of white roses and calla lilies accented with holly leaves, seasonal greens and a red satin bow in a ...(more)

    $52.99 More Details
  • Colossal Fruit Basket

    Colossal Fruit Basket
    A luscious assortment of perfectly ripened fresh fruit, nestled in a wicker basket, and decorated with a potted blooming kalanchoe plant....(more)

    $67.99 More Details
  • White Gold

    White Gold
    A gorgeous assortment of roses, chrysanthemums and lilies, all in white. The flowers are arranged in a gold basket and adorned with a matching golden ribbon. Su...(more)

    $67.99 More Details
  • Scarlet Snow

    Scarlet Snow
    A simple and elegant way to spread joy in this season. Red roses arranged amongst white oriental lilies adorned in a glass vase with a red ribbon will truly cre...(more)

    $54.99 More Details
  • Countdown

    Celebrate the countdown to the next year with this gorgeous arrangement of white hues such as roses, lilies and hydrangea delivered in a glass vase....(more)

    $82.99 More Details
  • Pristine

    A wish of peace and happiness for this glorious season comes through this beautiful arrangement of white roses sweetly accented with seeded eucalyptus arranged ...(more)

    $34.99 More Details
  • Token Of Love

    Token Of Love
    A delicately beautiful arrangement of soft pink gerberas and roses, wisps of fragrant lavender and flashes of blue forget me nots. This fresh and fragrant bouqu...(more)

    $52.99 More Details
  • Broadways Best

    Broadways Best
    Bursting with style, color and extravagance, this luxurious arrangement featuring gorgeous pink and green or yellow roses surrounded by stems of white lilies ar...(more)

    $72.99 More Details
  • Jaime

    This beautiful combination of passionate red roses and pale pink carnations makes an ideal arrangement. The flowers are arranged in an elegant glass cube and tr...(more)

    $42.99 More Details
  • Sugar Cube

    Sugar Cube
    Beautiful collection of roses, asiatic lilies and alstroemeria in shades of pale peach and snow white make every occasion even more special.vase not included...(more)

    $44.99 More Details
  • Magical Charm

    Magical Charm
    A beautiful and heady assortment of orchids, spray roses and Asiatic lilies, in varying hues of white, pale pink and wine.vase not included...(more)

    $77.99 More Details
  • Fairy Floss

    Fairy Floss
    This lovely arrangement consists of snowy Asiatic lilies,white roses ,creamy carnations , white button spray chrysanthemums and white spray roses set off with f...(more)

    $44.99 More Details
  • Gerbera Fantasy

    Gerbera Fantasy
    Make anyones day by gifting them this bright and cheerful bunch of gerberas. Vase not included....(more)

    $32.99 More Details
  • Summer Magic

    Summer Magic
    Exquisite, vital and delightful, this arrangement of swirling flowers reminds us of a floating summer cloud. White Asiatic lilies have lush long stems and shape...(more)

    $79.99 More Details
  • Cerise Medley

    Cerise Medley
    Passionate cerise pink roses, pink Asiatic lilies, carnations or hydrangeas and exotic alstroemeria make up this charming floral masterpiece. The long stemmed f...(more)

    $97.99 More Details
  • Sunshine Fields

    Sunshine Fields
    You know sunshine when you see that smile on her face when she sets her eyes on this eclectic mix of daisies, chrysanthemums and roses in a bed of lemonium. The...(more)

    $44.99 More Details
  • Classical Duet

    Classical Duet
    Like two voices blended in perfection comes this bouquet of 3 elegant stargazer lilies and 6 red roses accented with seeded eucalyptus. Approximately 12 inches ...(more)

    $52.99 More Details
  • Glory

    Pink stands for fun, romance and joy. A bouquet of pink roses can say thank you or you are fantastic or I am thinking of you. Approximately 12 inches W x 18 inc...(more)

    $52.99 More Details
  • Paradise Queen

    Paradise Queen
    Deep purple dendrobium orchids with brushes of green sword like fern, aspidistra and galax leaves put together in a clear vase....(more)

    $52.99 More Details
  • Rainbow Sorbet

    Rainbow Sorbet
    Named for its fresh and varied colors, Rainbow Sorbet is an exquisite floral work of art made up of yellow and light pink roses, gerberas, hydrangeas, carnation...(more)

    $57.99 More Details
  • Magenta Magic

    Magenta Magic
    Ruby roses, carnations and festive gewgaws sparkle among golden pinecones, Embellished by holiday greens, this ornamental arrangement luxuriates in a golden cyl...(more)

    $67.99 More Details
  • Red Rose Bouquet

    Red Rose Bouquet
    This is a simple traditional bouquet to give to someone special. It contains a dozen red roses and comes gift wrapped. Approximately 12 inches W x 18 inches H....(more)

    $62.99 More Details
  • Tantra Mantra

    Tantra Mantra
    Experience the manifestation of divine energy through this enchanting bouquet comprising of a peach spray rose, hot pink carnations and orange lilies....(more)

    $62.99 More Details
  • Friendship

    Friendship is a sugary sweet bouquet of pink gerberas, candy coloured lilies and astromelia to make for the sweetest gift....(more)

    $67.99 More Details
  • Sentimental Surprise

    Sentimental Surprise
    ItGs easy to express yourself perfectly with this hand-crafted bouquet of red roses along with free box of chocolate and mini bear. Just dont be surprised whe...(more)

    $72.99 More Details
  • Sweet Sensation

    Sweet Sensation
    On her list of favorite moments, this one will be near the top. The second she sees this stunning bouquet of red roses hand-gathered by our select florists in a...(more)

    $52.99 More Details
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