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Holiday News:

#AYearInFlowers Week 16

I had grand plans of making a beautiful pastel bouquet for my†#AYearInFlowers†post this week, but after a weekend full of planning and a super busy start to the week, I only got as far as harvesting these beautiful pastel anemones. My hope is to make an actual arrangement each week for this project, but Chris […] The post #AYearInFlowers Week 16 appeared first on Floret Flowers. ...

#AYearInFlowers Week 15

We have more than 80 narcissus varieties in our patch this year and we’ve been picking flowers like crazy, filling the cooler to the brim and sending buckets of blooms home with everyone we can. For this week’s†#ayearinflowers†installment I kept it simple and focused on the prettiest flowers coming out of the garden right now […] The post #AYearInFlowers Week 15 appeared first on Floret Flowers. ...

Discovering Dried Flowers

It wasnít until this past year that I actually became a fan of dried flowers. I canít believe it took me so long to discover their benefits. Until recently, I had always turned my nose up at dried flowers because they reminded me of tacky, dated flower books from the late 80ís. One of the […] The post Discovering Dried Flowers appeared first on Floret Flowers. ...

Soil Preparation

We grow an insane amount of flowers out of our little plot of land. With so much beauty going out the door, we work diligently to not only replace the biomass, but also to build and improve the soil each and every season.†Iíve found that the old adage, ďyou get out what you put inĒ […] The post Soil Preparation appeared first on Floret Flowers. ...

#AYearInFlowers Week 14

Our daffodil patch has finally exploded into bloom and I find myself rerouting my path multiple times throughout the day just to peek at each new variety as it opens. Every spring when the daffodils appear I thank myself for having invested the time and energy into planting them the previous autumn. These fragrant, cheerful […] The post #AYearInFlowers Week 14 appeared first on Floret Flowers. ...

Growing With Landscape Fabric

The first year I grew flowers, my cutting garden was a delightful jungle of flowers and waist high weeds. While I loved the process of selecting varieties, planting, tending and picking I hadnít anticipated just how much energy would be used battling weeds to ensure a healthy and abundant harvest. The following spring, determined to […] The post Growing With Landscape Fabric appeared first on Floret Flowers. ...

SKU-P125X Petite Christmas Planter (Christmas) from 1800Florals  sku

Petite Christmas Planter (Christmas) - P125X by 1800florals

Item description: This Holiday Christmas product is by 1800florals - Say 'Season's Greetings' with this adorable little planter basket! A long-lasting gift with fresh cut floral accents, too. Available after Thanksgiving through December.... Learn More

Manufacturer: 1800florals

Keywords: christmas,plants

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Category: Christmas


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